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Deep Tissue Massage – Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

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Ask massagenerd: www.youtube.com


19 Responses to “Deep Tissue Massage – Plantar Fasciitis Treatment”
  1. ComyaBee says:

    Lord I wish you could do that to my foot I am in SO much pain!!!

  2. panjabiwarrior says:

    my arch seems to hurt on my left foot, so im just having a look what it could be,but i dont know what to make of this video.

  3. daniellanoel says:

    qualified as what? a massage therapist! hhhhaaaa. You are a massage therapist, thats right. hahahhahahahahaha you are a dingleberrry SUPREME…dude what did you have to take ONE class in anatomy for that. ALL the rest was bdywork and shit….hahahahahahaa YOU SUCK ASS and you are trying to chew everyone out hahahahhahahahahha YOu are a dingleberry!!!!! hahahahahhaa

  4. ItsJustJasmine says:

    ok? whats your point? why are you telling meeeee this?

  5. loobylouboti says:

    I AM a massage therapist.

  6. massagenerd says:

    It varies with each person.

  7. massagenerd says:

    It is so hard to give any advice by writing and that is why I usually do video reviews (I have responded to over 175 questions people have asked me on youtube in video reviews)…I’ll put a link in the sidebar of the playlist. And it is even harder to demonstrate a certain technique, because I have to hire a model and shoot a video that way. I’ll try and answer more questions from now on :)

  8. jonnosferatu says:

    Whether or not he responds is still pretty meaningless. I wasn’t aware when I posted the message that he actually is the administrator for the channel, but even so, that dramatically increases the validity of his statement below.

    If you want further information on this stuff, it’d probably make sense to either go and research it or find a massage therapist in person and ask them.

  9. loobylouboti says:

    Yeh, gud point, we WUD still only have his word on it, and it looks like he has actually replied, just after ur reply to me……..and im STILL hmmmmmm’ing.

    Massagenerd, ur rite, u cant reply to all comments, but just a few would be nice, sum kind of acknowledgement. I notice you have commented about ur not commenting, but still havnt answered anyone’s actual questions related to the treatment etc. No offense, like, if ur for real..bt we have to ask.

  10. massagenerd says:

    I’ve been a massage therapist for 12 years and I have an associate degree in massage. I get over 100 comments a day on my youtube videos and it would be next to impossible to respond to every comment.

  11. jonnosferatu says:

    We’d have very little more than his word on it even if he said he was.

    The fact that he doesn’t respond is inconsequential – I wouldn’t be surprised if he produced them for the channel operators to upload and has never thought about them since.

  12. pinklady166 says:

    My podiatrist diagnosed me as having plantar fasciitis and the pain is mostly in the ball of my foot. I have no heel pain whatsoever. My tendon is super tight and so are my calf muscles. Most of these videos are helpful.

  13. loobylouboti says:

    Hmmmmmm, is this guy even qualified? How do we know?
    Id like to hear sum feedback to ppls questions on here tbh.

  14. ItsJustJasmine says:

    what if the pain is not so close to the heel.. like in the middle(bottom) of the foot closer to the ball of the foot … what is that? is it plantar faciitis?

  15. motacucito says:

    helpful if tell us how long take injury to recover¿

  16. esrb says:

    How long takes this injury to recover?

  17. teresachristine says:

    Next class for myfacial work for plantar pain. I know there is work to be done on the leg as well for this problem. Wish i could find here. So many clieints have this problem.

  18. thuggoe says:

    hard to hear

  19. jenifercarr1 says:

    Thanks for the helpful techniques. I like that you explained why some of the movements work

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